Buying silver coins is a fun and rewarding hobby.What sort of coins shall I collect and how much shall I spend ? What sort is up to you.Its so many categories to choose from so I recommend you stick to one or two categories which you prefer. I assume you have your own interest in the categories you will buy from.Buying silver coins for me means buying Norwegian silver coins and roman silver coins. I live in Norway and it is naturally for me to choose silver coins I am familiar with. I own and use a metal detector and have found many silver shillings which were common in this country for hundreds of years.I can either search for them in old places with lots of human activity in the past, or just buy them from coin dealers.There is even possible to bid and buy Norwegian shillings on eBay auctions. Buying silver coins for me also means collecting roman silver coins.The Roman empire lasted nearly 1000 years and today, metal detectorist’s in typical roman areas are digging up thousands of roman coins.These coins are more or less dirty and mostly needs much cleaning.You can buy roman coins single or in thousands.Most of them are made of bronze but many are made of silver. Those are most valuable and expensive but if you search the net or buy some uncleaned roman coins, you can stumble into some nice silver coins which wont cost you your shirt.¬†You may want to check out firstfidelityreserve for more.

I have found some silver coins that way and added valuable coins to my collection. Buying silver coins online for you depends what kind of coins you have interest in.If you come from US I assume you choose US silver coins. It is a good choice even if you do not live there because its so many silver coin types to choose from.Dollars,half dollars,nickels,dimes and so on are just some of them.I think dollars are magical and must be very interesting coins to collect.There is huge amount of dealers selling US silver coins and on eBay it is thousands of items to bid on. Some metal detectorist`s even put their finds on eBay auctions or other auction sites and they often start with a low start price.If you watch closely and snipe your bids you can purchase them very cheap.Do read my auction tactics in my site and learn how to snipe.